How to choose the winch

How to choose the winch

If you need to choose the winch for the car, then you soon make sure that such choice – not too simple business. Several types and the sizes of winches and bigger number of their producers are known. When choosing the winch for iron horse it is necessary to be guided by set of parameters and requirements.

1. Study different types of winches. As a rule, all winches can be separated into several versions conditionally: manual, electric, mechanical, hydraulic. Each of winches has one main function – to pull out your car from the place in which it has got stuck and, it is desirable, without considerable expenses of forces, means and time. Having installed any kind of the winch on the car, you can be to some extent quiet for its passability. The high-quality winch will allow you to get out independently of road scrapes and will replace to you, in fact, the second car.

2. Consider merits and demerits of hydraulic winch. It is suitable for drivers, original and inclined to experiments, more. At equal characteristics with electric winch her hydraulic fellow will have higher cost. It is rather difficult to install the hydraulic device, it demands serviceable hoses and liquid at the expense of which it works. Plus the hydraulic device – noiselessness and smoothness of operation. Though in cross-country conditions it not the most essential advantage.

3. Study possibilities of motor winch. It has no own engine, is connected directly to the car motor so does not differ in special convenience in installation. Besides not each car provides possibility of installation of motor winch. Be defined whether every time for use of such winch will want to you to climb under car cowl.

4. Evaluate the most widespread version of the winch - electric. Such winch does not demand any extras for installation on the car. At its choice it is necessary to define, first of all, maximum load which the device is able to sustain.

5. For calculation of loading increase the weight of your car in the equipped state by coefficient 2.5. For example, 2000 kg weighing your machine the ultimate load on the winch will make 5000 kg. When calculating consider that the index of the winch is specified in pounds (about 0.45 kg). Do not forget to include in the calculated weight of the machine and weight of the winch.

6. If you are very under strained circumstances, choose the old checked manual winch. For work with it you need to get the winch, to unwind rope, to cling to reliable support and to begin to work surely and quickly hands. You like such occupation or not, but it is better to appear in the impassable place with such winch, than absolutely without it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team