How to choose thermal veil

How to choose thermal veil

One of effective ways of heat preservation indoors in the winter installation of thermal veil. The operation principle of the device is very simple – the stream of the warmed air cuts cold, and it does not get to the room even at open door. Maximum temperature and flow rate depend on the device power which is selected proceeding from specific conditions.


1. There are two types of thermal veils – vertical and horizontal. For the correct selection of the thermal device measure height or width of door opening. Length of veil has to correspond to the corresponding geometrical sizes of door.

2. For standard door openings the optimum power of the device is about 1000 CBM/hour. For protection of apertures of the small size, the veil with a performance of 300 CBM/hour is sufficient.

3. When choosing thermal veil pay attention to type of heating coil. It can be the spiral heater or TEN.

4. The spiral heater at the low price has number of shortcomings: - the small surface area which gives heat; - the high temperature of heating of spiral leading to combustion of oxygen; - short life cycle.

5. At TENa in comparison with the spiral heater the only shortcoming – higher price. Advantages: - the big area of heating that allows to reduce air flow temperature so and to reduce electricity consumption; - lack of effect of combustion of oxygen; - durability.

6. Upon purchase check that the power of the device would correspond to parameters of electrical wiring to which it will be powered.

7. Pay attention to marking of veil. The first digit means the average height of installation. Being at this height, the veil creates continuous air flow to the floor. If it does not occur, then it is necessary to choose more powerful model.

8. Choose model of thermal veil with function of possible regulation of airspeed and adjustment of temperature of heating coils. Regulation has to be carried out not only from the block of veil, but also from the remote control.

9. Pay attention to models with the timer and the thermostat. These functions will help with power saving and will prolong life cycle of heating coil.

10. If necessary pick up model with adjustment of feeding angle of air stream. This function considerably increases overall performance.

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