How to choose thermosweat

How to choose thermosweat

Thermosweat is electric device which heats water for tea and supports it in hot state. By means of the device equipped with function of heating of liquid to the set level or function of the postponed start you will be able to receive at any time water of that temperature what is necessary for you.


1. Thermosweats work from the power supply network, therefore, these devices are potentially dangerous. For this reason upon purchase of the device surely make sure that it is equipped with the reliable system of protection. Thermosweat has to be equipped with function of blocking of inclusion at insufficient amount or total absence of water, and about need to add water the user is signaled by the corresponding indication.

2. In terms of safety one more function – blocking of the button of filling in the working device is important. It is desirable also that the device had element of protection against unintentional pressing of manual pump. It is necessary to make sure of each case that the function promised by the producer is implemented in the device and really will not bring.

3. For the true judge of tea it is better to buy the thermosweat capable to work in different temperature conditions. Setting them independently, it is possible in each separate case at preparation of drinks of different grades strictly to follow the instruction of the manufacturer. For example, to keep curative properties of green tea, it needs to be made water with temperature 80-90os, for welding of black tea – 98 wasps, and for preparation of baby food – 40-60os.

4. Test the device in operation. When filling in water cup the stream has to be equal and not splash in the parties not to scald people around. Be attentive, some of models to lowering of the button of filling can have additional emission of water.

5. Pay attention to availability of such function as heat preservation at the certain level. It means that temperature of water brought to boiling has to be reduced to the value set by you. The majority of products can maintain temperature in several modes, but is nevertheless and such in which only one mode is provided. Not to be disappointed, specify it upon thermosweat purchase.

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