How to choose tile

How to choose tile

Rare repair does without purchase of tiled or ceramic tile. This material is irreplaceable in bathrooms and in kitchens, also revet with it walls, both internal and external, and even paths at the dacha or at country house. As exterior of your rooms directly depends on quality of tile and its characteristics also, it is necessary to approach material selection with all responsibility. Namely - not to hesitate to ask the seller questions and to carry out small evident tests.


1. Be defined to what room and for what purposes you buy tile. The choice as for walls and floor absolutely different types of facing with various level of wear resistance are necessary will depend on it. It is possible to distinguish them in shop independently: on packing with floor tile the human foot, on packing from wall - hand is drawn. Consider that on floor to the bathroom where water will constantly accumulate, it is recommended to lay rough ceramic tile, in order to avoid accidents on slippery floor.

2. Check quality of tile which you have chosen. For this purpose connect two samples: between them there should not be gaps, roughnesses, the brought-down corners. Run hand over tile surface: if speakers hillocks from smudges are felt, or the spider line of cracks, before you the pressed tile of poor quality is visible. Now put two tiles together face side. They have to adjoin densely, without curves.

3. Choosing color and the drawing of tile, consider lighting in that room where it will be. If you do facing in the tiny bathroom or bathroom, will choose light tone visually to expand space. In case tile not only floor and walls, but also ceiling gives all the best, try to take quantity of tiles necessary to you from one party that color was identical.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team