How to choose toilet

How to choose toilet

Summer, giving, air... There is a wish to leave from city dust and vanity, work and disorders. To have a rest, without thinking of anything. Therefore it is worth thinking of some household moments in advance.


1. Think what budget you select for the choice of toilet. Or, maybe, you do not want to spend spare cash at all and can make everything independently? What for you it will be simpler - to buy ready, but volume designs and to carry to the country, or to construct toilet on the place? Try to consider opinion of all who also should use this toilet, especially if in your family there are small children, aged people or disabled people.

2. If you have decided to construct toilet, choose the place according to sanitary standards: at least 25-30 meters from wells and wells. If the site with bias, then toilet has to be below pure sources. Also consider the direction of wind that smells from rest room did not extend on all yard. You have to isolate reliably cesspool, i.e. it is necessary to dig much. Have decided on the place? Now is more detailed about what you will be able independently to make depending on depth of underground waters.

3. If underground waters on your site lie more deeply than 2.5 m, will suit you toilet with vygreby or type backlash rest room. For both options the land part of toilet (bathroom) is under construction of tree. The backlash rest rooms can be built only at opportunity to periodically clean cesspool with assenizatorsky machines. If at your dacha it is impossible, choose toilet with vygreby.

4. If depth less than 2.5 m, you can construct country toilet of type of powders rest rooms. In it instead of normal cesspool under toilet seat the waterproof capacity is established. You should pour out it in process of filling.

5. In the presence of means, choose ready toilet cabin. They work at all seasons of the year, even in winter frosts to - 50 wasps. The standard volume of accumulative tank maintains more than 500 visits. Minuses - the probability of unpleasant smell, high cost and need of secondary service (periodic depletion of tank). Do not forget to add transportation payment to cabin cost.

6. If you in principle do not like separate toilet on the street, buy dry closet. Choose from three main types - chemical, peat or electric. Peat will minimize risks of pollution of your kitchen garden and will help to fertilize it. With chemical you should potter less, but there is toxic hazard chemicals. Electric are safe, but demand connection and periodic cleaning.

7. Also you can carry out the sewerage or by means of experts. Then to choose toilet for giving or country house you will be able in the same parameters, as well as for the city apartment.

8. Formulate more specifically the wishes - concerning the cost, safety and simplicity of operation further. You can write the main requirements on paper. It will help you to orient with huge many options and not to forget to ask the seller about important parts (the cost of transportation and service, tank volume, temperature range of application and many other things). Successful purchase!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team