How to choose tomato seeds

How to choose tomato seeds

Tomatoes – the most popular cultures on garden and seasonal dachas. To reap rich crop of these vegetables, it is necessary to take care of purchase of qualitative seeds from which in the subsequent sweet and tasty tomatoes will be grown up.


1. Give preference to seeds of domestic production. They are calculated on our weather conditions. So, the productivity will be high as even if frosts will appear suddenly, plants will not die. Whereas seeds from various import producers are very vulnerable to adverse weather conditions. As a result they will need laborious leaving and careful attitude, but also it not always is the key to good harvest.

2. Pay attention to effective life of seeds. Too long (more than 3 years) has to guard you. It is clear that the producer has processed their chemicals. They, in turn, negatively will affect rising, growth and productivity of tomatoes and also their taste. If effective life left at all, then refuse purchase of such seeds as there will ascend their minimum quantity, and fruits will be rigid and tasteless.

3. Decide on type of tomatoes. Now it is possible to meet indeterminantny, determinant and superdeterminant tomatoes. The first look does not stop vershkovatsya throughout long time. Therefore productivity in the conditions of climate of our country it provides minimum. Determinant and superdeterminant tomatoes have early terms of maturing of fruits. Tomatoes from them it will be possible to collect large number. Give preference to several grades of tomatoes which are checked, for example Sanyok, "Bull Heart", "De Barao".

4. Buy only those seeds which differ in high resistance to diseases. They are marked on packing with F1 badge. Also look at percent of viability of seeds. 80-90% are considered as optimum indicators. If the package has the transparent party, then examine visually seeds. They have to be hollow, bright and not wrinkled. It means that they were collected from juicy and large tomatoes of the last harvest. At the same time the smell from seeds has to proceed pleasant or neutral, but not musty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team