How to choose trimming saw

How to choose trimming saw

When carrying out capital or renovation in the house or the apartment the trimming and uglorezny tool is demanded. It is required for adjustment wooden, plastic and MDF of plinths, platbands, eaves, etc. The choice of such tool should be made, proceeding from necessary quality and the number of expected works.

It is required to you

  • Characteristic of expected works.


1. The modern tool is divided into two main categories: professional and amateur. Professional trimming allows to achieve the high accuracy of the machine cut as on it the high-precision scale is established. Complete with high-quality saw it allows to do exact on turning angle and on purity the machine cut. The high quality of body material, high accuracy of adjustment of the interfaced parts considerably increases tool resource. Such trimmings can work long time without any deterioration of processing of preparations. They do not demand secondary service, are very ergonomic and comfortable in work. Choose the professional tool if you use it constantly and you need high quality of processing of parts.

2. The amateur tool has considerably the worst characteristics: the saw disk of low quality and the cut-off part will demand additional treatment. The angle of installation of saw is less exact that significantly reduces quality of work. Such trimmings are intended for short-term work, in them less powerful engines which are not equipped with the good cooling system are installed, they quickly overheat and demand technology pauses. Body material is less strong and at intensive operation quickly becomes useless.

3. When choosing trimming pay attention to availability of the protection cover of saw, it reduces risk of trauma during the work with the tool significantly. For trimming of broad preparations (parquet, parquet board, wide platbands) choose trimming saw with broach. Surely pay attention to turns of saw disk – the they are higher, the quality of the machine cut is better. If you are going to use trimming on departures, look for compact saw. There are trimmings having small dimensions with special handles for carrying. They are easily and quickly translated from transport situation into position and vice versa.

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