How to choose two-part parquet adhesive

How to choose two-part parquet adhesive

It is very important to approach responsibly the choice of glue for parquet. The gluing structure is required special for so difficult operation. Of course, a lot of things will depend on the basis, material of floor covering, way of fastening. Also it should be taken into account composition of glue – it has to be safe.

The two-part adhesive intended for parquet board is very popular. But whether it is possible to trust this material? 

Such glue consists of two main elements – hardener and filler. After mixing of these two components there is reaction promoting fast skhvatyvaniye of glue, the best drying. Thanks to such structure of placement operations accelerate many times, at the same time connection turns out rather strong. Ready substance keeps the properties within one and a half hours. When you apply glue on the basis, it is necessary to manage to cope with parquetry within hour, at most – two.

There are several types of two-part parquet adhesive. Let's consider polyurethane and epoxy and polyurethane glue. It is possible to call the first option reliable and quality material with big universality, many years it keeps the properties! It is worth buying such glue of the qualitative and checked brands, for example, of Stauf, Uzin, Bostik, SikaBond, Bona. Of course, it is rather dear structures, but there are also budgetary options: Minova, Pera, Ibola, Parcol, Legnopol. Parquet glue of these brands provides quite good connection too, there are quite good responses on the Internet.

Epoxy and polyurethane glue in finished form is functional within two hours. Here only solution is toxic so at parquetry it is necessary to observe safety precautions. And the seam still received will turn out less elastic. But its price quite available. Often such glue is bought to fix plywood on tie. From brands it is worth allocating Repox, Zero, Stufex, ACM, Sipol. Epoxy and polyurethane glue of these brands is in rather great demand too.

Of course, to choose glue for laying of parquet board only to you – consider features of floor covering, composition of glue. Then the parquet will serve to you much longer!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team