How to choose uninterrupted energy sources

How to choose uninterrupted energy sources

Acquisition of uninterruptible power supply unit can significantly prolong life to the home household appliances suffering from voltage surges. But can bring the greatest benefit of the UPS during the work on the computer, providing opportunity to keep documents and other data on which the user worked many hours.


1. Calculate the power of uninterruptible power supply unit necessary for you. It is necessary to do it proceeding from the total power of all equipment which you are going to connect to the UPS. If it appears more, than UPS power, then the last will not sustain loading and will refuse to work that can entail, for example, loss of important data on the computer. Therefore it is necessary to count the power of uninterruptible power supply unit with impressive stock which has to make at least 15-20% or more.

2. Give preference to such devices from which it is possible to take out the accumulator. Not all UPSes have potential of replacement of batteries, however such opportunity is important, especially for those people who want to save. If it is impossible to replace the accumulator in uninterruptible power supply unit, then in several years it is necessary to buy the next model of the UPS which cost is much higher than the cost of the new battery.

3. Be guided upon purchase by quality of power supply in your house. If light dies away not too often and there are no significant leaps of line voltage, it is better to choose the UPS of offline type which will perfectly cope in maintenance of the equipment in working order within several minutes until you complete the work. And the UPS linearly - interactive type which controls voltage level will be suitable for unstable power supply networks with frequent jumps, raising or lowering it to necessary value.

4. Choose the UPS from the famous producer. Their products undergo more careful quality test, than the analogs made by small firms. Besides, large brands usually provide to the clients technical support for the period of operation of their UPS and also have own service workshops which are engaged in repair of the equipment.

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