How to choose upholstery just for decoration

How to choose upholstery just for decoration

Choosing furniture, special attention should be paid on upholstery. That is to consider its durability, wear resistance, practicality and also color. How it is correct to choose fabric for furniture upholstery?

1. Give preference to furniture upholstery on functional performance of material. For example, flock have high moisture-proofness, fire resistance and durability, but accumulates statistical electricity.

2. Shenill very soft to the touch, durable is also not afraid of moisture. Jacquard looks very smartly. The tapestry is very similar to jacquard, but more cotton is used there, and its pattern is more intricate.

3. Prefer microfiber to other fabrics if you want furniture to do not elektrolizovyvatsya, was not afraid of sunlight and chemical influence. It is smooth and thin, rich with color shades. On it bald spots never appear.

4. The Kurtizanovy upholstery is preferred by owners of restaurants, offices and practical hostesses. As thanks to teflon impregnation material pushes away from itself water and dirt. It is dense, smooth and resistant to mechanical damages.

5. Buy velor set if you wish that to you on it it was warm and cozy. The original drawing on furniture consists of stamping on pile. The leather upholstery differs in practicality and respectability. From it dust and moisture easily are removed therefore similar furniture is put at offices, offices and living rooms.

6. Consider in what room there will be upholstered furniture and what it will be intended for. Select sofa for dream so that matter on it not less, than for 50% consisted of natural fibers: cotton, linen or wool. Such fabric will well pass air, to attract less to itself dust. At the same time it will be rather strong because of addition to it of artificial threads.

7. Select soft corner for kitchen or the nursery so that the upholstery provided frequent damp cleaning in connection with pollution large-scale in these rooms. And in the hall and the living room, solid, cozy and soft fabrics will be best of all to be used.

8. Surely correlate color of upholstery to surrounding situation. The color gamma of furniture not necessarily has to merge completely with interior. And even on the contrary – it helps to bring vivacity and highlight there. For example, it is possible to place furniture of warm or bright shades in the room issued in cold tones.

9. Stop the choice on that coloring of textiles which approaches curtains or carpet. It is important to know that pastel and golden tone are capable to increase the area and illumination of the room visually.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team