How to choose varnish for tree for external works

How to choose varnish for tree for external works

Being going to varnish gazebo at the dacha or bench, it is necessary to consider continuous atmospheric action on the buildings or furniture which are under the open sky: not each type of covering will be able to protect your product from the sun, moisture and frost.

When choosing varnish on tree it is necessary to be guided by the main criteria which distinguish this type of the paints and varnishes (PV) from the structures intended for internal works. In particular, it is security from influence of moisture, ultra-violet radiation, resistance to temperature drops, frost. For today there is not a lot of similar types of paints and varnishes.

Alkyd and acrylic varnishes

Alkyd structures are completely synthetic; their main difference – rather dense layer resistant to mechanical influence and influence of moisture. In addition, the alkyd covering well protects tree from UV-radiation and counteracts ignition. Treats quick-drying structures, gets divorced uyat-spiritist, and other similar solvents. Acrylic lacquers are considered as more modern product which is well protecting the wooden buildings standing in the open air. Similar structures get divorced water and are not sensitive to influence of moisture, ultraviolet. The difference from alkyd varnish consists in texture, - it less dense, so consumption of material will be smaller.

Polyurethane structures

On the basis of polyurethane the varnish which is nearly ideal for external works is created. Polyurethane structures are insensitive to frost, differences of humidity, temperature and are absolutely indifferent to influence of the sun. The firm film formed by material well will protect any product which is in the open air from mechanical damages and effect of chemicals, at the same time varnish is colourless and has no smell. Polyurethane varnishes release in one - or two-component option: anyway, before application the priming of surface is not required, - it is enough to achieve humidity no more than 10% (this indispensable condition). Polyurethane varnish well shines, in all operational parameters fairly it is considered the most acceptable for processing of the wooden surfaces which are in the open air. On the basis of polyurethane produce also the varnish called "yacht" today. It is material into which composition the additional components interfering not only the increased influence of ultraviolet and high humidity, but also emergence of mold, fungus are entered. This type of LKM is diluted with white spirit (5 parts of solvent and one varnish), put in several layers and demands thorough training of wooden surface in the form of grinding.

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