How to choose vice

How to choose vice

Vice - the useful tool in economy. With its help it is possible to fix reliably piece of works. Now in the market quite wide choice of vice.


1. Vice happens several types. For work with metal it is recommended to use metalwork. They will well hold parts on cutting muchines. Such tool completely consists of solid metal - the thermoprocessed steel which differs in the increased durability. Bench screw has mobile replaceable sponges. You can fix such tool on table by means of holding straps and splines. It is possible to regulate the movement of sponges by means of bracket which is in the slider. Fixing of bracket is carried out by means of the pin.

2. When choosing vice pay attention to the size. The fact is that the tool which has small dimensions quickly wears out. Cheeks have to be moved apart on 115 mm and more. Vice which has the big size are capable to replace even anvil. Pay attention, the mechanics of this tool at the same time will not suffer.

3. Choose such model of vice which well will approach your table. The tool should not disturb when performing other types of works. Some models have the turntable in set. On it vice can rotate across by 360 degrees. You will be able to select optimum angle for different types of work. In shop you can meet vice which has tilling gear. Such design well is suitable for homeworks. The mechanism does vice by more mobile.

4. Vice meets elevators and lifting gears. Generally they intend for professionals, however and quite will be suitable for homework. By means of the elevator it is possible to perform works at the convenient level.

5. Machine vises are alternative normal. It is possible to apply them during the work with drill or circular saw. In them have openings. You can easily fix the device on the basis of milling rack.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team