How to choose wall for the hall

How to choose wall for the hall

Practically it is possible to find wall in any living room. Similar furniture for already many years confirms the functionality, and thanks to variety of design it allows to realize the most courageous ideas.


1. The easiest and compact option of furniture for the hall is the wall the hill. It is chosen most often for registration of small rooms, it is suitable and for small families, when there is no need to store many things. Such furniture looks stylish and does not make impression of bulkiness and clutter of space. Wide choice of forms and the sizes will allow to pick up furniture for every taste.

2. Angular walls can be two types – some of them represent case sections, and the second – modular walls. The case option looks is more bulky, but there is always possibility of its updating. The checked serial producers can always make to order new doors or accessories. Modular angular walls much easier also occupy less spaces, besides, the similar design provides special clothes compartments.

3. Mini-walls for the hall perfectly will be suitable for creation of interior in style minimalism or hi-tech when the minimum quantity of furniture and the most open space is meant. Similar walls are full-fledged decor of interior, they always look stylish and fashionably.

4. The traditional walls which are completely closing wall and combining various cabinets still remain relevant. They are practical, incredibly capacious and simply created for design in classic style. Their functionality does not concede in anything to modern types of furniture and exterior becomes more and more modern.

5. Good option for dynamic and practical people are modular walls. At the expense of modular system at any time it is possible to change arrangement of separate parts of wall and to create absolutely new design. Variety of their forms, configurations and ways of finishing gives the chance to make the most various furniture from ultrafashionable to magnificent and refined. This design provides various corners, dressers, niches for trifles and show-window for glass and ware.

6. The built-in walls for the hall best of all will be suitable for the small room or that case when it is necessary to correct the room sizes visually. In this case it is necessary to make a start from the general design of the hall. For example, to expand space and visually the wall for the hall of white color with glossy covering, mirror inserts or vertical patterns will help to make ceilings above.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team