How to choose wall hanger to the hall

How to choose wall hanger to the hall

Hanger to the hall - necessary attribute of interior in the majority of houses. The wall option will be good choice where there is no place for full-fledged cabinet. Of course, it will not replace with itself clothes, but quite will be suitable for placement of daily outerwear.


1. Modern options of such designs bear in themselves not only office, but also decorative function. The wall hanger can be the simplest, and can look as true piece of art. This type of furniture is made of various breeds of natural wood, of metal alloys, of glass or plastic.

2. The normal wall hanger represents wooden cloth with the hooks attached to it. Levels for cloth can be made of the painted or natural wood. Pay attention: material of which the wooden product is made can be glued or integral, lacquered or only impregnation. Wooden hangers from the integral massif, lacquered will be the most successful. Such option will be successful for interior of classic style.

3. Still it is possible to get separately hooks. Place them in any direction on wall, in quantity necessary to you. It is possible to find various types of wall hooks in sale: florets, leaflets, multi-colored balloons. Pick up suitable attributes. Consider, popular are forged wall hooks. They are universal therefore they are suitable for various interiors. Such hooks will be not only useful for many years, but also will turn into stylish decoration of the small room. Choosing hooks, you remember that metal will be oxidized over time. Perhaps, more reliable there will be original plastic hooks.

4. Stylish extraordinary wall hangers are popular with designers now. Experts especially like to use tree subject. Such hangers successfully will be suitable for interiors in modernist styles or Artdeco. Consider that the cost of such product will depend not so much on the used material, how many on popularity of manufacturing firm. Try to visit several outlets, and only then choose the most favorable to you option.

5. Before you stop the choice on specific model, think whether it will perform the main functions? The chosen product has to be rather strong to maintain clothes cargo. Also when choosing hanger it is necessary to consider quantity of clothes which you are going to place in the hall. One more step on the way to success - correctly established and reliably fixed design. Solve whether you will be engaged in this work independently, or you will use services of the master? Usually hangers place with entrance, on one of hall walls.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team