How to choose wall-paper on ceiling

How to choose wall-paper on ceiling

Now there are two types of wall-paper under painting: structural and coarse-fibered. They can be recoloured in any color. It is necessary to approach the choice of ceiling wall-paper responsibly.


1. Ceiling wall-paper can be recoloured in any color. Also you can apply on material of wall-paper patterns and drawings on cliche. Consider, resistance of coverings to damp cleaning completely depends on quality of the applied paint.

2. Structural wall-paper represents the paper layers which are stuck together among themselves. Most often they meet white color. Pay attention to quantity of layers. Material which has three and more layers has good rigidity. Besides, it interacts with glue better. When gluing, glue needs to be applied not on material, and on ceiling surface. Wall-paper painted in several layers can easily be replaced. Three-layer material will leave thin layer on which it will be possible to paste new wall-paper of any kind exactly on ceiling. Structural wall-paper usually meets the big length and width. There will be few joints at ceiling, and the surface will be uniform.

3. Coarse-fibered wall-paper consists of two layers of dense paper. Between them there is uniformly distributed and pressed sawdust. Thanks to them the covering acquires the granular invoice. Such wall-paper has no drawing. For this reason you will not need "to adjust" cloths in places of joints. It is possible to recolour such material to 15 times.

4. Vinyl wall coverings on flizelinovy basis enjoys wide popularity. They have the good masking properties. By means of it material it is possible to smooth easily roughnesses and cracks. The surface of ceiling develops additional strength. Vinyl wall coverings does not stretch and does not "sit down". Consider, such wall-paper will gain resistance to abrasion and humidity only after painting of the top vinyl layer. There are several ways by means of which it is possible to give final look to the ceiling which is pasted over with vinyl wall coverings. For example, the ceiling can be not painted, and to trim with decorative plaster.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team