How to choose wall-paper on flizelinovy basis for the bedroom

How to choose wall-paper on flizelinovy basis for the bedroom

Interlining - nonwoven fabric which consists of the textile or cellulose fibers fastened to the help of binding substances. Wall-paper on flizelinovy basis becomes all the most popular every year.

Characteristic of flizelinovy wall-paper

Interlining differs in high elasticity. Wall-paper on such basis perfectly holds form therefore are not deformed during gluing and does not warp later. In new buildings it is recommended to paste them because walls after construction shrink. Besides everything they perfectly hide cracks and roughnesses of walls.

Some consumers consider such wall-paper hazardous to health, in reality, the flizelinovy basis is absolutely harmless. Such wall-paper is made from safe and eco-friendly materials that does them rather expensive.

Wall-paper on flizelinovy basis needs to be got in the specialized shops having necessary certificates of quality. In that case you will save yourself and relatives from possible negative consequences of fakes.

To reduce cost, producers release cheaper option - vinyl wall coverings on flizelinovy basis. Vinyl is the synthetic material emitting formaldehydes at firing temperature. In normal condition it is absolutely harmless therefore it perfectly is suitable for pasting of walls of the bedroom. Such wall-paper belongs to lower price category. The advantage of wall-paper on flizelinovy basis is simplicity of gluing – it is possible to put to wall dry, applying glue previously on wall.

Flizelinovy wall-paper for the bedroom

When choosing wall-paper for the bedroom it is necessary to consider everything to trifles. For a start it is necessary to decide that you want. It is necessary to remember that the chosen color will reflect your inner world and to make impact on mood.

The real flizelinovy wall-paper has dense and strong texture, and the budgetary option – softer.

When choosing it is necessary to consider features of the bedroom. If lighting insufficient - wall-paper of light tones perfectly approaches: beige, light pink, golden, they will visually make the room is lighter. When the person has insomnia will be ideal dark blue tone. The bright palette is suitable for active and dynamic people: red, crimson, violet, pastel tone will cause in them boredom and irritation. Best of all the quiet, muffled colors are suitable for the bedroom. In the bedroom, small by the sizes, wall-paper with the small drawing will perfectly look, and in the spacious room – with the large image. It is possible to choose flizelinovy wall-paper under painting, then you will be able to change colors voluntarily and to mood.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team