How to choose wall-paper to the hall

How to choose wall-paper to the hall

The choice of wall-paper for the hall – business difficult, but if you make right choice, then the comfort and cosiness is provided to you.

It is required to you

  • Wall-paper, glue and desire.


1. When choosing wall-paper it is important to consider flavoring preferences of owners of the dwelling, practical assignment, color gamma of all finishing materials used for repair. Their background has to be combined with coloring of floor covering, ceiling and of course furniture. The drawing on wall-paper is of great importance. So, the large flower ornament on walls of the small hall does it even less, and the narrow longitudinal strip of the drawing "extends" the room up, is even higher lifting ceiling. Wall-paper has to be washing. On wall in the hall splashes from wet clothes and umbrella get. Dog, having come from walk, will want to shake off in corridor. The child inadvertently will touch with hands, dirty after walk. And everything, repair it is possible to begin anew!

2. Now the choice of wall-paper is rather broad, it is possible to pick up without effort suitable both for the drawing, and for coloring. The hall is recommended to be pasted over with impressive wall-paper which imitates stone, tree, brick, fabric, leather, tile, or, for example, decorative plaster of walls. Only you should not use gloomy tone, light indoors and there is so not enough. The lower part of wall can be pasted over with more dark wall-paper, and top – identical according to the drawing light, having closed joint between them border strip. The dark bottom protects from pollution, and the light top adds light and expands space. If you have decided to pokleit the hall completely dark wall-paper, then the level of comfort of your hall defines the competent choice and placement of luminous sources. Using the directed illumination, it is possible to focus attention to necessary objects of interior, to designate functional zones. Besides, the correct light will increase safety of limited space of the hall - it is no secret that in the twilight it is possible to come across something.

3. The main thing that should be considered when choosing wall-paper, is that not fashionable wall-paper for the hall is necessary, namely those which will make it cozy and attractive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team