How to choose wall-paper under stone

How to choose wall-paper under stone

Wall-paper under stone - the real find not only for country houses, but also for modern apartments. Use of artificial decorative stone will successfully replace any other wall-paper and even ceramic tile. Correctly to make choice, it is necessary to learn what types of wall-paper under stone exist and for what purposes it is better to use them.

One of original ways of registration of interior is use of wall-paper under stone. Quite recently this wall-paper was used for registration of country houses, now the mode of "stone" wall-paper has come also to city apartments. The qualitative structure under stone very naturally transfers feelings of use of natural covering.

Advantages of "stone" wall-paper

Choosing wall-paper under stone, the buyer saves money which would leave on purchase of the real stone and on payment of operation of stackers. In addition, use of wall-paper instead of natural covering reduces load of room walls. Even if the final result will not please members of household, it can be changed with ease, unlike use of natural stone.

Types of wall-paper under stone and their use

As the best place of application of "stone" wall-paper will serve the kitchen, especially space near washing and working surface and also corridor. For these rooms it is necessary to choose vinyl wall coverings which is easily cleaned from dirt and push away dust. It is also possible to use acrylic wall-paper, they easily wash and for a long time keep the exterior. Except cloth with flizelinovy basis it is possible to give preference of classical paper. However it is necessary to remember that the paper surface is more vulnerable at operation and will serve in economy less. The main advantage of paper wall covering – ensuring good air circulation and environmental friendliness. It is better to use such wall-paper for registration of lunch zone. It is also worth mentioning and lincrust – the modern finishing rolled material representing certain mixture of flizelinovy or vinyl wall coverings and ceramic tile. The main advantage of lincrust – long life cycle. This material can be painted and washed. The original invoice creates feeling of use of the real stone. At registration of the room the fragmentary dressing of walls or use of combinations of various finishing materials is admissible. The stone frame of electric fireplace can be example of fragmentary registration.

Color schemes

Under stone it is necessary to approach the solution of question of the choice of color of wall-paper with special sensitivity not to turn the apartment into medieval vault. The best option will be gray and chocolate tone. At the same time furniture of light shades will become excellent addition. Such combination will create cosiness situation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team