How to choose ware for plate

How to choose ware for plate

Still quite recently in kitchen it was possible to meet only the gas or electric stove with ""pancakes"". Now hostesses more often choose electric stoves with glass-ceramic covering or plates induction. The main rule of operation of such equipment – right choice of ware.


1. On induction plate it is possible to use ware which is made of ferromagnetic material. It is cast iron, stainless steel. Ideally, it is better to use special ware. At all glass-ceramic products do not approach. On the label of modern ware it is specified for what type of plate it is intended.

2. It is necessary to pay attention to product bottom. It has to be flat or slightly concave. Give preference to ware with thick bottom. For plate with glass-ceramic covering it is better to use ware with dark bottom - so quicker there is heating. In order to avoid heatloss diameter of pan or frying pan should not exceed the ring size.

3. Choosing ware, it is necessary to think over what you are going to prepare in it. Aluminum ware is suitable for preparation of dairy dishes, but it is impossible to store them in it. The aluminum pan is not suitable for preparation of borsch, compote and other hot and sour dishes.

4. Pans from stainless steel are suitable for preparation of the majority of dishes. But in order that such ware has served as long as possible, it is necessary to look after it. The main shortcoming – the content in steel of nickel which is contraindicated to people with allergy.

5. The enameled ware is universal - it suits for salting and preparation of kvass.

6. Cast iron - ideal material for brazier and frying pan. Pilaf, stewed bird, vegetable stew the most tasty turn out in pig-iron brazier.

7. The teflon covering popular now is used in frying pans, baking pans.

8. The fire-resistant ceramics and glass do not spoil taste of food, it is possible to prepare and store products in them. The main shortcoming – fragility. Such ware is suitable for the electric stove with pancakes. On gas under naked flame it is necessary to install the breaker plate. The hot pan cannot be put on cold or wet surface - it can burst.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team