How to choose ware from stainless steel

How to choose ware from stainless steel

Ware from stainless steel has come to our kitchens not so long ago. It is very convenient, has presentable appearance, the range is very wide. Not for nothing stainless steel is called "material of century". For production of ware most often use "steel 18/10" - this marking means percentage in steel of chrome and nickel.


1. To choose quality ware from stainless steel, it is necessary to consider some criteria. Good ware surely has to have "double" or even "threefold" bottom. Also it has to be stamped or cast. Cast is, however, much more expensive, than stamped and meets in our kitchens much less often. It has good consumer characteristics and serves much longer. Here only stamped ware attracts modern buyers much more often. And all because of the low price.

2. Ware from stainless steel should not be easy. Before purchase surely take it in hands. Pay attention to ware wall thickness - they should not be thin at all. Also on ware there should be no defects: scratches, cambers, dents and other. You look at quality of polish. Remember that the opaque surface cools down quicker, than brilliant.

3. Buy ware in specialized shops. To buy it in the market – obviously rotten idea. Such ware will serve to you at most 3 years. Not for nothing say that penny-wise and pound-foolish. So it is better not to save on ware, and at once to buy such which will serve you long and as they say, faithfully.

4. After purchase of ware do not forget about the correct care for it. To look after ware from stainless steel not really difficult, but nevertheless, it is necessary to do it. Process ware by means of soft sponge, do it under warm water and with cleaning agent. If you wish to keep steel gloss of ware, then it is necessary to polish it. Limy spots from the surface of stainless steel can be removed by means of vinegar or citric acid. If you follow all rules of leaving, your ware will please you a lot more years after purchase.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team