How to choose washing for kitchen: five councils

How to choose washing for kitchen: five councils

Guarantee of preparation of the most tasty dishes and also ideal order in kitchen is available convenient washing. Comfortable conditions are very important for the hostess as to cooking takes a lot of time.

Kitchen sinks from stainless steel

Sinks from stainless steel, perhaps, the most demanded of all. They are to opaque and glossy surface. 

One of shortcomings of sinks of stainless steel - noise. Producers of modern sinks offer models with the sound absorber from soft fabric, more often they are established under bowl. Washing in such option is made of reinforced steel. 

Sinks from composite (artificial) stone

The price of composite sinks is higher, than sinks from stainless steel as they are executed from pebble gravel on the basis of pitches and pigments. It is eco-friendly and quality material, it well absorbs water noise, is not afraid of high temperatures and cleaning agents. 

The artificial stone is also material for production of kitchen sinks: acrylic and agglomerate. 

Sinks from acrylic resins are afraid of too hot water and are easily scratched. They can return original form grinding. Variety of forms and coloring can be referred to advantages of these sinks. Also they are easy and remind plastic. 

Agglomerate for 90% consists of natural stone. From this material it is easy to look after sinks, they are resistant to high temperatures and mechanical influences.

Ceramic kitchen sinks

Sinks from ceramics very beautifully look in modern kitchens. They are resistant to chemical influences, high temperatures, damages. Are simple in leaving. As minus - heavy are also afraid of blows.

How to choose washing for kitchen:

Spaciousness of washing - here on what it is necessary to decide first of all. It depends on the number of the people living in the house and how there is a lot of ware. 

It is also important to consider the area of kitchen, the relevance of small washing is obvious to small kitchen, and for the big room the choice of course is more. 

Sinks happen to several bowls - to five. Are most popular double or one-and-a-half. Additional bowls are very convenient, in them defreeze products, wash fruit, vegetables.

In form of bowl are rectangular, triangular, oval, square and round. Round are more capacious. For small kitchen the best option - angular washing, it is convenient and saves the place.

More ware will be contained of course by deep bowl, besides, it will save working surface from water splashes. But too deep washing will force the hostess to bend, straining at the same time muscles. 

Til sinks should be considered upon purchase too. Stainless steel and composition stone will fit into modern style, sinks from bronze and brass are magnificent in semi-antique kitchens. The ceramics and artificial stone are classic style. 

Ways of installation

In kitchens with the general long table-top cut-in sinks are used. They are established either over table-top, or on one with it level. 

If the complete kitchen consists of several modules, then laid on sinks are used. 

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