How to choose washing the automatic machine machine

How to choose washing the automatic machine machine

It is no secret, that washing is quite difficult and labor-intensive process. Therefore the washing machine in the house any more not whim of the housewife, but need. Of course, the good washing machine it is possible to call only the machine automatic machine, other types of washing machines have strongly become outdated. Now the range of any brand contains not less than ten various models with different functions. In order that it is correct to choose the washing machine automatic machine among this variety, you have to know number of characteristics.

1. Loading type. Washing machines are divided into two groups: front-loaded or from vertical. Washing machines with vertical type of loading have several advantages: they are more convenient and reliable, take not enough place, in the course of washing you can take out thing or on the contrary throw new. Upon purchase of the front-loaded washing machine it is impossible to forget about whether you have free space in the apartment. Such washing machines are not of a lower quality washings than frontal. But for bigger convenience it is necessary to choose hatch door which opens by 180 degrees.

2. Size and maximum loading. Standard dimension of the washing machine 85 cm in height and 58 cm in depth are considered. But you can meet also other models with depth from 35 to 60 cm. Narrow machines of 32 cm in depth will be suitable for small rooms. But the compactness leads to contraction of volume of washing drum, and, as a result, to reduction of the maximum loading.

3. Tank and drum. It is necessary to learn material of which the tank of the washing machine is made. The reel has to be manufactured of stainless steel, and composite materials, the corrosion-proof or enameled steel can be basis for tank. "Stainless steel" is the most reliable and durable material, but concedes on noisiness. Composite materials are characterized by smaller quality, but sufficient wear resistance and smaller noise, due to absorption of vibrations.

4. Programs of washing. Modern models of washing machines are equipped set of standard programs for washing of different types of linen. But there is also number of additional programs: "Fast washing" – for washing of slabozagryaznenny things. "Soaking", "Intensive washing", "Removal of spots" – for silnozagryaznenny things. "Additional rinsing" - this program is intended for people who suffer from allergy. "Economic washing" - is intended for power saving.

5. Connection of the washing machine happens two types. Connection to cold or hot water allows to save the electric power, but the shortcoming is that temperature in water supply system is changeable, and in the most washing machine water will heat up to certain temperature. Connection only to cold water is more practical, but it demands additional resources for softening of water. It is also necessary to pay attention to hoses. It is desirable that they were flexible, it increases their wear resistance.

6. Quality of assembly. In Turkey the assembly is carried out by automatic machines therefore the average time of operation of such washing machines will be 4 years. Austria and Sweden assemble machines which can serve to you up to 20 years. The German assembly is calculated for 15 years, and Italian or Korean – 8 years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team