How to choose water-heating boiler

How to choose water-heating boiler

To choose optimum, economic and convenient water-heating boiler which completely will satisfy all needs of the owner it is necessary to have certain knowledge. Information in which types of water heaters and the principles of their work are listed will help to facilitate the choice of suitable model.

Types of water-heating boilers

There are two types of water-heating boilers – gas and electric. The first type of the equipment is the most economic, however it is simple to establish them only in those houses where the geyser is initially provided. Otherwise, the owner should spend for obtaining permission, mounting of flue and installation of the boiler. Therefore for owner-occupied dwellings it is the most preferable to choose electric water-heating boilers.

As water heating the electric water heaters are separated into two groups – flowing and accumulative boilers.

Instantaneous water heaters heat water to the necessary temperatures for only a few seconds and have the compact sizes which are ideal for apartments with standard planning. However instant heating of water demands big expenses of the electric power, and still old wiring and the electric meter which can not sustain capacities of flowing water-heating boiler do not approach it. Accumulative water heaters are the most popular among users of boilers today. It is connected with the fact that this type of the device not only heats water, maintains its certain temperature and does not demand special conditions for installation. Even old wiring can sustain its power, however when using accumulative boiler it is necessary to count its volume correctly.

We choose water-heating tank

When choosing boiler for heating of water it is desirable to get model which is equipped with the sensor and the regulator of temperatures and also the inclusion switching off button. The temperature regulator is hidden in many water-heating boilers under cover that creates some difficulties in control of the necessary mode.

Today it is possible to buy the boiler with two oozes, one of which can be disconnected manually (if the tank breaks), and the second will ensure trouble-free operation of boiler.

Very important when choosing water-heating boiler to pay attention to material of which it is made. Will most longer serve devices from stainless steel or titanic enamel – unlike more inexpensive tanks from enamel and steklofarfor, various microorganisms do not develop in them. It is also possible to buy the boiler with antibacterial covering of enamel or the mode of thermal disinfection. For the bathroom water-heating boilers with marking of IP25 which have the maximum degree of security are ideal.

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