How to choose wearproof paint

How to choose wearproof paint

Paint at the same time performs protective and decorative function. Considering operating conditions, some one of these functions it will be obligatory to come to the forefront. And if it is important to provide protection of surface, it is worth buying wearproof paint. How to choose it?

Wearproof paint call paint and varnish coatings for tree or concrete, capable not to lose the decorative qualities at various increased loads.

It is possible to carry to such loadings:

  •    Influence of external mechanical factors. Deleting of layer of painting because of constant flow of people, loading from tires of cars, etc.
  •    Influence of chemical materials. It is possible to refer influence of moisture, products of oil processing, acids, gases and other various chemical compounds.
  •    Influence of temperature. Low or high temperature conditions, from 60 degrees.

There are special structures for works on painting of wooden floor which do not come under influence of all above-mentioned factors. But more often produce materials which specialization is aimed at certain type of external factors: stability against moisture, shockproof, resistance to different types of acids, fire, etc.

 Options of wearproof paint for external and internal works:

1.     Epoxy. The structures consisting of two components for floor which when drawing on surface become extremely strong and resistant to wear. Are in most cases applied to concrete painting, sometimes to metal. Acids, moisture do not come under influence of sunshine, and serve for many years.

2.     Acrylic. Are made with addition of solvents. Are applied in many spheres: painting of wooden floor, wall, facade, concrete, etc. Are eco-friendly material therefore are often used in residential buildings, educational institutions, hospitals.

3.     Paints with anticorrosive effect. In their structure enamel and zinc dust which purpose to provide protection of metal objects against impact of corrosion.

4.     Paint coats with heat-resistant functions. They are used at external painting of pipes of flues, furnaces, pipes with hot water, the equipment with heating temperature up to 80 degrees.

These are the most widespread types of wearproof paint. It is worth choosing proceeding also material which should be painted and also conditions of its further operation. The English paint coats have good reputation – they are eco-friendly and reliable. However other producers also have good paints. Be guided by ratio of the price, optimum for yourself and quality. But you remember that the durability of covering will depend on your choice.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team