How to choose wooden bar

How to choose wooden bar

The wooden bar is the sawn timber representing, in fact, the log dressed from four parties. In cross-section bar square or rectangular. According to state standard specification, also, characteristics of bar include cross-section thickness more than 100 mm.

Therefore, from rather logs, big on diameter, not one bar, and can quite turn out a little. Right there it should be added that bars are two-edged, three-edged and chetyrekhkantny, it depends on how have sawn round their parties. At two-edged bar two opposite processed layers. At three-edged three longitudinal processed surfaces. Chetyrekhkantny has four such surfaces.

 Owing to the prevalence in the field of timber, the wooden bar is applied in very many spheres of construction: for example, it can be used at construction of frameworks of buildings, or for construction of temporary bricklayer's scaffold, application and for construction of wells fellings is popular. The bar when it is used in quality by log of floor or ceiling, overlappings between floors becomes irreplaceable material. The low price of wooden bar allows to use this exclusive construction material at construction of change houses, gazebos and even various garden furniture.

The price of wooden bar depends, generally on the purposes for which it will be used and also from how it was processed. 

It is known planed and rough options of sawn timber of this kind. For draft works, the rough option as well as for construction of building frame which all the same will be carefully closed subsequently facing is generally used. I.e. such option of wooden bars is appreciated quality of material, but not its processing.

Contrary to rough, smooth, equal, the surface of planed bar is always exposed to preliminary additional treatment. The similar type of this sawn timber is used everywhere for those places and objects where accurate and esthetic processing of material will undertake in attention; can be example as it is already told earlier, construction of various baths and saunas. The planed wooden bar is applied also to production of furniture. In construction of houses, cottages and farm buildings the coniferous rough or planed bar from pine is often applied that is connected with properties of coniferous breeds of trees, such breeds are more resistant to environmental activities.

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