How to circle eyes

How to circle eyes

are called window to the soul for the fact that they precisely and fully reflect all feelings and emotions of the owner. It is possible to emphasize beauty of eyes by means of make-up. Even the small inking and portrayal of eyes will present remarkable effect – the look will gain gloss, brightness, charm. Besides, by means of inking it is possible to change eye shape and to emphasize their color. As it is correct to circle eyes?

It is required to you

  • Pencil or eyeliner


  1. First, the classical make-up of eyes except inking, also means dedicated line of eyebrows, shadows applied on upper eyelids and the eyelashes painted by ink. You should not neglect rules of classical make-up and to emphasize eyes by means of only inking – the make-up will be unfinished.
  2. Secondly, from all variety of the means offered on sale for inking of eyes, it is necessary to choose what will be suitable for you. In general these means are divided into two views – liquid eyeliners and pencils for eyes. Liquid eyeliner with thin brush - very convenient means. It is issued the most various shades and is externally usually similar to mascara. The liquid eyeliner allows to draw thin and accurate line during century. Soft pencils for eyes are made of wax with addition of oils. Extensive color scale of pencils allows to pick up the necessary shade easily. The double mini-pencils which are widely provided on sale are also very convenient. With their help it is possible to correct easily and quickly make-up.
  3. Having chosen means, start eyeliner. When using liquid eyeliner, eyelids should be degreased and powdered previously. Surely remove excess of paint from brush, otherwise the drawn line will turn out rough. You draw line on upper eyelid, leaning hand against cheek, and trying that it has turned out as it is possible closer to eyelashes. It will be out continuously from eye, internal to external corner, or of the middle of the century to the outer edge. After slightly shade. Do the same and for other eye.
  4. Being going to use pencil, pay attention to how it is ground - the pencil for eyeliner has to be sharp. The ideal tool for sharpening of cosmetic pencils – special sharpeners. Line pencil needs to be drawn in the same way, as well as eyeliner, but keep in mind that the pencil line will seem is softer. If the accurate stroke pencil during century is impossible, then it is possible just to put the end between eyelashes, or to draw line on the inner edge of upper eyelid from below.
  5. Small cunnings: if to tint lower eyelids from within white or light-beige pencil, then eyes will seem more expressively and more. Owners of big, dark eyes can use dark pencil for eyeliner of lower eyelid only. The unsuccessful line on upper eyelid can be shaded by means of shadows of the same color. If eyes the inking needs to be begun of the middle of the century.
  6. And the last. The area of eyes is very sensitive therefore it is necessary to choose cosmetics very carefully, trusting only the checked brands.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team