How to clean aluminum ware in house conditions

How to clean aluminum ware in house conditions

Aluminum ware is very popular, in it cook second courses, cook compotes and kissels. The main advantage of pans from aluminum is that they cost rather not much. To shortcoming it is possible to carry that aluminum ware quickly lose the exterior at the wrong leaving.

How to look after aluminum ware to keep its original state? Before beginning to wash the dishes from aluminum, it is necessary to allow it to cool down completely, otherwise fat and deposit will be absorbed in soft material and it will be much more difficult to wash pan.

It is impossible to fill in hot aluminum ware with cold water, otherwise it will lead to its darkening, cracking and deformation. To wash the burned food from aluminum ware, it is necessary to cool previously pan or frying pan, then to fill in with water, to add a little shaving from laundry soap and to leave on half-hour. After time food will easily depart from utensils walls.

Aluminum the dishes are not recommended to be washed in dish washer as this process leads to emergence of stains on metal. After manual washing the alyumink needs to wipe dry soft dry towel. By the way, it is possible to wash the dishes from aluminum only soft sponges, metal sponges and brushes does not approach here because they leave deep scratches on utensils surface. The same with abrasive powders. Over time aluminum ware darkens and on it dark stains appear. To return to ware original state quite perhaps, the main thing, is correct to follow some rules and recommendations.

To return to pans primitive gloss, it is necessary to wet sponge dairy drink or cucumber brine and to leave for couple of hours then it is good to wash away flowing water and dry to wipe. It is possible to return ware surfaces gloss by means of vinegar with which it is also necessary to grease surface by means of sponge, then to wash away and dry up.

To remove fat from aluminum ware, it is necessary to put it in big basin or bucket, to fill in with water and to add 9% vinegar and lemon juice in equal proportions then to put on gas, to bring to boiling and to boil thoroughly within 15-20 minutes then water to drain, allow utensils to cool down, rinse cool water and dry to wipe. Lemon juice and vinegar can be replaced with citric acid.

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