How to clean blinds

How to clean blinds

Blinds at windows at offices are not news any more. In the last several years wonder also blinds at windows of normal apartments have stopped being. But if in offices, as a rule, order blinds with lamels (these are the strips forming cloth of blinds) from plastic or aluminum. In apartments most often hang up fabric blinds. They possess set of coloring and create unique cosiness in the house. And such blinds look it is rather modern.


1. Each owner of blinds faces problem of cleaning of the soiled lamels sooner or later. Lamels can always be replaced not to puzzle over how to clean them. But if it is rational to think, then replacement of lamels will not be such good option. So it is better to try to clean them at first.

2. The first way of cleaning of lamels from fabric is the fastest, but also unreliable. Carefully remove the lower chain, take out all sinkers then remove the become soiled lamels from runners. Now contract each of them into roll and put in the big basin filled with soapsuds. Do not take in head to rub lamels that special impregnation has not descended from them. After a while dirt has to descend. Carefully take out and unroll lamels and hang up them on the places, without wringing out and without drying. Of course, impregnation all the same after such cleaning will descend sooner or later completely. And if material of which they are made, cheap, then it can fade, and to get out of shape.

3. The second way the most labor-consuming. However it and more careful. If you have modern vacuum cleaner, for certain in set there is special nozzle with the special "fingers" intended especially for cleaning of vertical and horizontal blinds. Such nozzles allow to clean carefully from dirt both fabric, and plastic, and any other lamels, without damaging protective impregnation. However, occupation this quite labor-consuming.

4. The third way is simple, but is very risky. Many companies suggest to wash fabric lamels in the washing machine now, having included the mode of careful washing. But it is necessary to consider that from washing in certain cases lamels can be deformed, and even the most qualitative and expensive. Anyway, carefully prepare for washing of blinds: exempt each lamel from metal and plastic parts, contract them into rolls and place in special sack for careful washing of things.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team