How to clean cap from mink

How to clean cap from mink

In our severe Russian winters not to do without fur hats. They not blown and very warm. That such caps long served, it is necessary to look after fur carefully, to store correctly, and before storage to clean from pollution.

It is required to you

  • Starch
  • Aviation gasoline
  • Semolina


1. The first way of purification of fur of dirt - by means of starch. It is necessary to take enough dry starch, and then to accurately rub it hands in fur. Pay attention to that your hands and fur were dry. Some time starch needs to be rubbed in fur, then the cap is shaken and accurately beaten out. The procedure such is repeated several times. Last time the mink cap needs to be beaten out and cleaned especially carefully from starch that its particles did not remain in fur.

2. To clean the become soiled fur on cap, it is possible to make mix for fur cleaning which includes starch and gasoline. But gasoline has to be most cleaned as, for example, for lighters. From starch and gasoline it is necessary to mix gruel and to accurately apply it on cap. After that it is necessary to wait until gasoline dries, and then to carefully shake residues of starch from cap. Attention! Thus it is possible to process only fur of dark color.

3. If the mink cap was white, and became yellow - that it can be not dirt, and fur burning out. Such cap cannot almost be cleaned, it is only possible to recolour. It is better to entrust repaint of cap to professionals as it is difficult technology.

4. If house ways of purification of fur have not helped you, then it is necessary to address in dry-cleaner where you already with guarantee will be able to be helped.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team