How to clean carpet

How to clean carpet

The carpet is considered one of the most convenient and demanded floor coverings. Also there is a wish that it as long as possible was pleasing to the eye the bright colors, but not spots. So with what image to clean carpet? Many address experts, but it is possible to cope with it and own forces.


1. Best of all copes with cleaning carpetof vacuum cleaner. It can use daily, applying for this purpose special nozzles. But be careful with the washing vacuum cleaner. For example, the carpet with natural jute is very sensitive to humidity. From abundance of water it can be deformed. Besides, moisture can become source of development of mold or fungi under carpet.

2. If the carpet is polluted moderately, then for its cleaning it is possible to use foam. Plus of foam cleaning is that it quicklyis dries, and you should not waste time until the carpet can be used.

3. Now on sale there are various shampoos and aerosols for carpets. They can also perfectly cope with spots on carpets. Solution is applied on spot then the zone of pollution is processed brush. But minus of such cleaning is the high cost of medicines therefore their use in big squares is inexpedient.

4. There are cases when the covering is polluted very strongly. How to arrive? Remember that it is necessary to clean carpet with use of water very carefully. Such method should be used only if there is possibility of its subsequent drying.

5. It is possible to entrust mission for cleaning of carpets to professionals. The benefit, it is possible to cause them on the house now. The team of cleaners not only will wipe all spots from your carpet, but also will process it special impregnations which are intended to block pollution of pile and to reduce static stress of surface.

6. And how to be with spots? The best means of fight against them is not to allow them to stand. Therefore any liquid from surface needs to be removed immediately. Otherwise you risk to catch this spot for the rest of life.

7. The range of various stain removers in shops is so various that it is difficult even to choose. Therefore upon purchase consult to the consultant what of them approach your spot.

8. In fight against spots it is possible to use also reliable tools in the form of vinegar, laundry soap, hydrogen peroxide.

9. So, spots from juice, tea, coffee, chocolate can be eliminated by means of the alcohol diluted with vinegar.

10. From paste for ball pens, paint, greasy spots it is possible to get rid, having wiped spot with the fabric, the wetted in solution of alcohol or turpentine.

11. Spots from blood, eggs it is possible to remove with soap solution, divorced with alkali for 10%.

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