How to clean carpet from pollution

How to clean carpet from pollution

The carpet plays role of the center of our house. Over time even expensive design models change the color and structure of fabric. In carpet pile not only large amount of dirt and dust accumulates, but also microorganisms, unsafe for health, breed.


1. It is possible to clean carpet from the dust pollutions which have eaten in pile by means of table salt. Take small salt and strew all surface of carpet. After that walk on it brush with rigid bristle. Residues of salt can be removed with the vacuum cleaner. After this simple manipulation you can be sure that raise dust in pile there is no carpet.

2. It is easy to clean pollution in the form of old spots on surface of carpet with use of baking soda. This method is good still the fact that by means of soda it is possible to get rid of unpleasant smells. 5 liters of water and 0.5 glasses of baking soda will be required. Dissolve soda in water and by means of spray to raspryskayta on all area of carpet. Leave for impregnation of pile for half an hour. Then walk on carpet the vacuum cleaner. The carpet will take new fresh and bright exterior.

3. To clean off carpet from animal hair very labor-intensive process. For its simplification it is necessary to use the following method. Mix normal fabric softener with water in equal proportions and apply on carpet. Leave this mix for 10-15 min., and later vacuum carpet. Thanks to the fact that the conditioner softens wool fibers further process of removal them from covering will take couple of minutes.

4. To remove various spots from carpet, it is necessary to know that for each spot there is the method. It is the best of all not to allow their emergence or to delete, so far they still fresh. Greasy spots from carpet can be removed by means of potato starch or salt. Spots from blood remove only by means of cold water and brush with rigid pile.

5. If spot old previously put on it the rag, wetted in soap solution, and leave for small time. It is easy to remove spots from coffee by means of glycerin. Then to wash away water with addition of several drops of ammonia solution. Mud spots from the street need to be deleted only after their drying. And spots should be deleted from vegetable and fruit juice, chocolate and wine at once by means of soda and brush.

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