How to clean carpet soda

How to clean carpet soda

Carpet – the fine element of design doing house interior warm and cozy. But as any floor covering, it needs regular cleaning. The alternative of household chemicals is made by folk remedies for cleaning of carpets which will not decolour paint, will not do harm to pile.

It is required to you

  • Carpet, baking soda, vinegar, vacuum cleaner.


1. Even regular cleaning of floor covering the vacuum cleaner does not save it from spots and dirt. Good means for cleaning of house carpets and oriental carpets is ordinary baking soda. It perfectly removes dirt from all types of carpets, including natural woolen and dlinnovorsovy. This non-toxic substance, does not cause allergies, is capable to return to covering initial color.

2. If carpet not too dirty, make dry cleaning. Mix soda with several drops of aromatic oil and scatter on surface, then rub it wet towel wipes in pile and leave for some time. In 30-40 minutes collect dirt by the vacuum cleaner. For cleaning of light carpet mix soda with corn starch, in proportion 1:1, add fragrance and distribute mix on carpet, and then vacuum.

3. In case the floor covering which is strongly polluted helps soda solution. Take half of glass of sodium bicarbonate, dissolve in five liters of water and spray liquid on oriental carpet or carpet. Sustain about 1-1.5 hours that mix was absorbed, further carefully collect dirty soda by the vacuum cleaner. Effective remedy for cleaning of carpets – mix from 1 tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate, thirds of glass of vinegar, 1 spoon of laundry detergent and 5 liters of water. Solution perfectly deletes spots from wine and coffee and unpleasant smells.

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