How to clean carpets with long pile

How to clean carpets with long pile

Among floor coverings the carpets with long pile remain very popular, despite emergence of convenient and practical laminate, cheap linoleum and soft carpets or carpet. Dlinnovorsny carpets extraordinary soft, pleasant, safe, lay them in bedrooms and children's rooms. But they require special care and special attention.

It is required to you

  • vacuum cleaner;
  • rigid broom;
  • soft sponge;
  • cleaning agents for carpets;
  • vinegar;
  • salt;
  • ammonia solution.


1. The more length and density of pile at carpet, the more dust appears on its surface. On one square meter it can be formed to one kilogram of dirt. Therefore it is regularly and in due time necessary to clean carpet by means of special means and tools.

2. It is necessary to clean carpet the vacuum cleaner several times a week, this most effective detersive for long pile. It will remove small amount of dust and dirt very quickly and without problems. You should not vacuum too often dlinnovorsny carpet if you have bought it recently as fibers can be insufficiently steady. Over time the vacuum cleaner can not cope with that amount of dust which remains on pile therefore it is necessary to carry out regularly other cleaning procedures.

3. Beat out carpet on all surface in the winter, having hung up it on pipe reverse outside. It is desirable to do it in the yard of the house, not in the apartment. If snow has dropped out, it is possible to use it for cleaning. Spread carpet on the snow-covered site, having put pile outside. Strew with snow and sweep away rigid broom.

4. Having removed part of dust and dirt by means of the vacuum cleaner, snow and knocking-outs, it is possible to bring purity to perfection special modern cleaning agents. Use shampoo for carpets of Vanish, Bingo-or, "Pile", Kovrol. All of them have alkali in structure therefore you should not apply too often them as over time they begin to influence carpet brightness. After cleaning by these means wipe pile with sour structure, for example, vinegar. For this purpose part glass of vinegar in water bucket, apply solution on sponge or soft rag and wipe in the direction of pile.

5. Household chemicals can be replaced with other make-shifts. Well normal table salt cleans, besides, it will refresh paints and will increase brightness. Spread carpet on floor and salt. Moisten rigid broom in soap warm water and remove salt from surface, from time to time washing out broom in water. Instead of salt it is possible to use the sung tea, bran, sawdust, the ground pumice. Remove residues of all these substances, having beaten out carpet.

6. Carpets with long pile can be cleaned with ammonia solution. For this purpose take five liters of water, three spoons of powder and spoon of ammonia solution, make solution. Apply it on pile with soft brush and remove at first damp, then dry with rags. After damp cleaning carefully dry carpet.   

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team