How to clean cloth from wax

How to clean cloth from wax

After New year or romantic dinner with candles you with horror find on favourite cloth ugly spot from wax. Unpleasantly, but you should not panic. Such spot can be removed if to try.

It is required to you

  • - knife;
  • - tissues;
  • - iron;
  • - laundry detergent;
  • - stain remover


1. Take sharp knife and try to scrape off accurately candle wax (most likely, paraffin - now candles make from this material) from cloth. Be extremely careful: one awkward movement, and your cloth it will be spoiled finally. Not to cut fabric, put cloth on rigid surface, pull, and only then start removal of the stuck wax or paraffin.

2. Prepare two tissues. They have to be rather dense. Enclose one of them under spot, and the second - from above. Heat the iron and start spot ironing through napkins. It is necessary to kindle paraffin. It has to be absorbed in paper. You watch that wax has not got on the iron: in this case you not only will damage household appliances, but also will make removal of spot even more difficult.

3. After you have ironed cloth the iron, can wash off the soiled place. Use solution with normal soap or laundry detergent with active agents. If your candle has been painted in any color, it will be more difficult to remove spot. In this case add a little stain remover to water.

4. After zastiryvaniye dry cloth in the natural way. When the thing dries, iron it the iron, having exposed temperature, suitable for fabric type. That the cloth has not got out of shape, it is possible to wet after removal of spot it completely.

5. More simply fresh wax spots are removed. Therefore it is recommended to check after festive evening cloth regarding emergence of ugly marks. If you do not make it at once, then wax will strongly be absorbed in fabric, and to delete old spots very difficult. Further to avoid problems, install candles only in the lamps having pallets for the melted wax. It is possible to use beautiful plastic napkins.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team