How to clean copper samovar

How to clean copper samovar

In spite of the fact that teapots and dispensers have forced out samovars from everyday life long ago, them remained much on open spaces of our homeland. And owners to whom these rare things have come by inheritance from grandmothers and grandfathers take great pain to support copper friends in good condition, saving them from consequences of interaction of air and copper.

It is required to you

  • - acetic acid;
  • - baking soda;
  • - red brick;
  • - tooth-powder;
  • - Goi paste;
  • - citric acid.


1. The thin dark film covering over time copper samovars is copper oxidation product. To get rid of it it is difficult, but it is quite possible. Pour in samovar boiled water or if the samovar operating, heat in it water. Prepare solution of acetic acid (5-10%) and clean it hot samovar. This method the safest for samovar as does not damage it, does not scratch.

2. Use baking soda. Wet soft fabric rag in warm water, apply on it small amount of soda on it. Wipe the darkened samovar surface slowly, easy movements. You do not press on rag, do not use great efforts, otherwise you damage samovar, having left on it stains and small scratches.

3. Follow the example of ancestors - for cleaning of samovar use small pounded brick. The more small, the better. Consider that this way the most injury-causing for the old copper device of heating of water. By the same principle it is possible to apply standard sand.

4. Also tooth-powder will help to clean samovar. Use it by example of baking soda - you apply a little powder on soft rag and slightly rub surface.

5. Use special means for purification of copper - Goi paste on the basis of chrome oxide which is intended for grinding and polish of metals and other.

6. If cleaning is required also for inside face of samovar, then apply the following method: boil samovar with water, having added to it citric acid (for simple pollution of 5 g on 10 liters, for strong scum - 40 grams on the same volume of liquid). After this procedure do not forget to wash out samovar for exception of poisonings.

7. The last way of cleaning for the laziest or for those who value ancient samovar. Just carry it to experts who have various chemicals for work with rare things. They will definitely not damage surface of samovar and will return it to you updated.

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