How to clean extract

How to clean extract

The kitchen extract became one of the most important attributes of modern kitchen, just as the fridge or the microwave oven. However any equipment demands for itself thorough leaving, and extract - not exception. That it is correct and safe to clean this mechanism from pollution, it is necessary to perform the procedure of cleaning in several stages.


1. Wash external part of extract. It must be kept in mind that on external walls of the device not the smaller quantity of harmful precipitation, than inside accumulates. Therefore when cleaning use cleaning agents and special brushes for purification of metal. It is very important to remove all accumulating pollution on outer side as their person constantly inhales, approaching kitchen stove.

2. Start cleaning of wire mesh guard. Before removing grid, it is necessary to remove the dust which has collected top layer and the stiffened fat as if at once to remove it, most likely, until you bear grid before washing, half of waste will already appear on floor. After the main dirt is removed, disconnect grid and together with it go to the bathroom. It is the best of all to allow grid to depart properly from fat precipitation in more hotly and a few soapsuds. After water cools down up to the temperature, tolerant for skin, can make detailed cleaning. The old toothbrush perfectly will be suitable for this purpose.

3. Remove the collected pollution from internal part of walls. Be accurate - in old models the electric part can be in the look which is not protected from hit of moisture and cleansers. Do not assume that soapsuds splashes from sponge and hands got to these places. Internal walls will be useful to wash several times with clear water after you make cleaning. The remained cleaned means can begin to corrode metal from within that will strongly reduce device life cycle.

4. Collect all parts of extract after the end of procedures and let's it dry completely. After it occurs, the extract is ready to work again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team