How to clean floor from mercury

How to clean floor from mercury

If you have broken the thermometer with mercury or the mercury lamp, then you should not panic, situation not extremely dangerous. It is necessary just to collect all balls of mercury from surface. It is more difficult if mercury has slipped to places in hard-to-reach spots, for example, in slot of floor or under plinth. Gradually it will begin to evaporate, and couples can already lead to poisoning. That is why it is necessary to try to find all balls of mercury and to collect them as soon as possible.

It is required to you

  • - potassium permanganate
  • - chlorocontaining means
  • - sulfur
  • - thin metal plate
  • - brush
  • - rubber pear
  • - adhesive tape or damp tampon


1. First of all surely open window leaf or window for fall of temperature indoors because the temperature is lower, the mercury evaporates less.

2. Then ask people to leave the room in which it is necessary to collect mercury from floor. Close door not to carry mercury balls on all apartment. At entrance to the room lay the rug processed by potassium permanganate solution.

3. Now you can safely start demercurization. Demercurization is measures for prevention of evaporation of mercury. It is possible to adopt several ways: Now there are more and more sets which neutralize household mercury pollutions. The enclosed instruction will help you to make everything correctly, step by step. Such set needs to be held in house first-aid kit.

4. If you have no demerkurizatsionny set, then collect large balls by brush in paper envelope. Rubber pear incorporate balls more small, and collect by adhesive tape or damp tampon the smallest droplets. Densely close collected mercury in bank. Then carefully wash up floor and process it potassium permanganate solution.

5. If mercury has got to places from where it is difficult to extract it, then use old way - fill up them with sulfur. If you have no sulfur, then use thin plate from metal and push it in slot. Balls of mercury ""will be attracted"".

6. If mercury has got also on soft things, then shake out them, and then within 4 months air on air.

7. After mercury extraction, it is necessary to wash out floor. The most available and effective way - solution of soap and soda (500 g of soap, 600 g of soda on 8 l of water). Effectively process floor and walls of 1% iodic solution which can be received, having bought 10% iodine solution in pharmacy and to part it in proportion of 100 ml on 1 liter of water. It is also good to wash out surface any chlorine-containing means.

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