How to clean from tea raid

How to clean from tea raid

The tea raid usually remains on surface of mugs or teapot. Usually it occurs in situations when these objects long time do not wash. The tea raid is left by the dyes which are contained in drinks: tannin and other substances. The type of raid in itself is not really pleasant as it makes impression of dirty ware and at big congestion spoils taste of drink.


1. Tea is slightly dye therefore even after ware disposable, the raid can remain. The best way of prevention of its education is washing of ware after each its application, however, it not always works well. Then either old "grandmother's" methods, or application of special cleansers can come to the rescue. Most of hostesses for cleaning of ware of tea raid uses normal baking soda or synthetic cleansers as a part of which there is soda. Means works smoothly, but formation of small surface damages is possible. Such damages can be and are not visible, but their availability can always be defined - the tea raid will be quicker formed and to have more dark shade, and here time spent for cleaning with each procedure will begin to increase.

2. There are other cleaning and cleaning agents intended for ware in the form of different gels and pastes. They also perfectly clean and at the same time, considering the consistence, do not scratch ware surface.

3. As cleanser it is possible to apply juice of lemon or solution of citric acid. It is necessary to wipe with small amount of juice or solution surface, and then to wash with water.

4. There are also more original ways. For example, number of hostesses advise to leave cups for the night, having filled them with kefir or green tea. On their assurances if for morning of cup just to rinse water - they will be snow-white.

5. Some clean surface I will merge, but it, though is dissolved in water, will scratch surface.

6. It is possible to apply not soda or salt, and their solution to cleaning. For example, it is possible to boil soda or salt in water, and then to blot ware in solution.

7. Think whether and tea the raid is left? The fact is that now water quality from under the crane leaves much to be desired therefore in certain cases, kind of carefully did not wash the dishes, on its surface in the form of deposit and raid water can leave traces. To avoid it, ware after washing needs to be wiped carefully. This problem can be avoided if to wash the dishes in dish washer, by the way, many claim that this miracle of the equipment copes also with many raids including tea.

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