How to clean frying pan

How to clean frying pan

Any hostess faces from time to time need to clean frying pan from the burned food which is not removed in the normal way even after soaking. It very often occurs at preparation of porridges when both grain, and the milk which has impregnated it burns at the same time. There are several ways to clean frying pan from similar pollution, without having spoiled at the same time ware.

One of reliable tools is influence of table salt. Half of glass of salt should be poured out on frying pan bottom, having distributed even layer and to leave at several o'clock. After that you cannot wash frying pan.

Has well proved as detersive and activated carbon. It follows istoloch in powder and to fall asleep for the burned places. From above it is necessary to add water and to leave frying pan on quarter of hour. Then it is possible to start its washing.

For dissolution of old and dense layer of fat it is necessary to grate third or half of piece of laundry soap, to fill up with the turned-out shaving frying pan and and to fill in with boiled water. The effect will be even better if to put frying pan with such mix on fire and to boil this mix in frying pan about a quarter of hour.

For removal of the old burned pieces of food and deposit it is possible to prepare the following mix: to take two tablespoons of baking soda and salts, tablespoon of laundry detergent and a little office glue. To fill in the received mix with water and to mix evenly. To put frying pan on fire and to boil in it the turned-out structure to hour (it is necessary to define visually, dirt has how well begun to lag behind frying pan and to regulate time proceeding from it). After the frying pan brightens, water can be poured out, and to wash up frying pan as usual.

Ware from various materials has the specifics of cleaning and food differently burns to it. The frying pan from teflon does not transfer such aggressive methods of cleaning, but in it food also does not burn to critical condition. Therefore for washing of such frying pans the simple soaking with warm water is used. The material following on degree of resistance to burning for ware – aluminum. To aluminum ware food burns extremely seldom, however there is also it. Aluminum is extremely sensitive to the alkaline and acid cleaning medicines, they can easily damage its surface. Normal baking soda will be the best combination of the cleaning qualities and the sparing influence.

The way described above with poverenny salt best of all is suitable for frying pans from stainless steel. As for pig-iron ware, it is the best of all to clean such frying pans until they have completely cooled down, otherwise the burned food will be much more difficult to be removed.

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