How to clean German silver spoons

How to clean German silver spoons

Tableware from cupronickel loses the "ceremonial" exterior over time, darkening and becoming covered by brownish raid. How to clean German silver spoons, forks and knives to return them initial silver gloss?

It is required to you

  • big pan or enameled basin
  • foil
  • baking soda
  • table salt


1. At first properly wash cupronickel in warm water with normal cleaning agent for ware to get rid of surface dirt or fat. You should not be zealous too, wiping darkenings by rigid sponge – you can scratch covering. For the same reason it is not necessary to use soda powder, tooth-powder and other abrasive means for cupronickel cleaning.

2. Take big pan or the enameled basin put leaf of foil on bottom and place on it German silver spoons or other devices from cupronickel. Fill in cupronickel with hot water and add baking soda and salt (approximately on two tablespoons).

3. Put pan with soda and hydrochloric solution on slow fire and "you cook" your tableware for fifteen-twenty minutes. Water not necessarily has to boil – enough that it just remained very hot.

4. Let's water cool down a little – and take the German silver spoons and forks which from there have brightened, shining. Properly wash up them to get rid of traces of soda and salt and wipe soft towel. Your tableware looks as newcomers now!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team