How to clean German silver ware

How to clean German silver ware

The holiday comes, and hostesses choose the most elegant and refined ware for table layout. Metal tableware has to be pleasing to the eye purity and gloss too - from modest stainless steel to noble silver. Already more half a century in our country do not release table German silver products - other alloy, German silver on habit called cupronickel has succeeded. But old, "real" cupronickel is still irreplaceable on kind feast.

It is required to you

  • - water;
  • - soap;
  • - salt;
  • - shell from yayts;
  • - ammonia solution;
  • - garlic peel;
  • - chalk;
  • - vinegar;
  • - hyposulphite.


1. Let's remind: in the chemical composition of cupronickel two parent metals - copper (about 75%), nickel (about 25%). Insignificant addition of manganese and iron increase anticorrosive firmness of alloy, resistance to influence of water vapor, fresh and sea water.

2. You come to shop and ask to show German silver products. Offer you analog - German silver, but find it difficult to give characteristic to metal. Know: this alloy differs from cupronickel in additives of zinc and cobalt. If you see on reverse side of products of letter MNC (copper, nickel, zinc), the German silver means before you.

3. Over time "classical" German silver forks, spoons, knives, Turks, sauce-boats and vases darken, getting characteristic raid. There is a lot of ways of cleaning and polish of products from cupronickel, from purchased chemistry to the checked grandmother's recipes.

4. Take 2 liters of water, two tablespoons of salt and the crushed shell from four eggs (surely crude). Boil liquid. Lower in it the German silver objects which are previously washed up in hot water, boil. Wash out in flowing water, wipe with clean cloth rag. For the procedure there are enough several minutes.

5. Collect garlic peel in mesh sack. Lower it in the boiling water, having prepared the concentrated broth. Submerge in it German silver devices and boil. Time of cleaning and quantity of peel depends on the volume of ware and degree of pollution.

6. Exterior of products from cupronickel considerably will be improved by polish. The composition of the self-made polishing pastes is various. There are two options. - pour in 60 g of ammonia solution in 100 ml of water and pour 30 g of chalk. Polish with the received emulsion devices and polish; - take 1 part of soap and 1 part swept. Dissolve soap in hot water and mix with chalk before receiving homogenous mixture. Clean it products, wash out, wipe dry.

7. If cupronickel has gained resistant dimness, wash it with hot soap solution, and then, leaving devices hot, moisten with 20% solution of hyposulphite: 150 g of chemical medicine on 750 ml of water. Wipe with soft fabric.

8. If on German silver objects spots from dampness have appeared, use the rag moistened with the warmed-up vinegar for their removal.

9. For cleaning of products from cupronickel also many medicines of household chemicals produced by the industry are good. In their row Asidol paste, liquid cleanser "Amethyst", the powder "Metalloblesk", means Ayr.

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