How to clean gold jewelry

How to clean gold jewelry

Gold – precious metal is also not subject to oxidation, but gold jewelry which we wear, lose the initial gloss and look over time. Their surface becomes soiled, especially, if it has the irregular, intricate shape. To bring golden jewelry into original form and to return them gloss, characteristic of gold, it is possible in house conditions.


1. To return gloss to gold products, leave them for the night in glass with warm water in which stir two spoons of granulated sugar. After that wash out products in flowing water and wipe them dry soft flannel rag.

2. That not only to return gloss, but also to remove pollution, add to glass of warm water of 5-6 drops of ammonia solution and couple of portions of any liquid soap for hands. Put gold in glass and take it 1 hour there. Wipe the hard-to-reach polluted spots with the Q-tip, wetted in this solution, wash out products and wipe them dry. The ammonia solution and soap can be replaced with 1 tablespoon of laundry detergent.

3. It is possible to clean gold products lipstick. Dioxide of the titan in the form of powder which is abrasive is its part. Apply lipstick on Q-tip and wipe with it product surface, slightly polishing it – the blackness and pollution will disappear, and gold will begin to shine as new again. For products with smooth surface it is possible to use tooth-powder in this quality, only do not use contain with it for gold cleaning toothbrushes, their bristle can damage surface of gold product.

4. If the product is strongly polluted, then for its cleaning use glass of warm water in which part half of tablespoon of laundry detergent, on 10 ml of ammonia solution and hydrogen peroxide. Mix everything and pour solution in glass capacity, fold in it gold jewelry, close dense cover and leave for 5 minutes. Then stir up to bank, lay out products and wash out them under stream of flowing warm water. Dry them, having wrapped soft fabric.

5. It is possible to clean gold jewelry by means of soda. Boil two glasses of water and throw into it 1 tablespoon of soda, leave to boil some more minutes. Cool solution and place in it gold for 1 hour, then wash out and dry up it.

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