How to clean hands from superglue

How to clean hands from superglue

Superglue is liquid methyl - or ethylcyanoacryl ester with additives of softeners and activators and also thickeners. Substance absolutely water-insoluble therefore if glue needs to be removed from hands, it is necessary to use acetone or nitromethane which is part of liquids for removal of superglue.

  • - acetone;
  • - liquid on the basis of nitromethane;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • - scouring sponge;
  • - srub;
  • - soap;
  • - ice cubes in package;
  • - aerosol for freezing of wounds and bruises;
  • - rubber palette;
  • - rigid brush.

1. If you have accidentally soiled hands with superglue, moisten cotton pad or sponge with acetone, wipe places of pollution, wash hands warm water with soap, smear with greasy cream. If glue from the first did not manage to be cleaned off, repeat the procedure of removal of glue.

2. Buying glue in shop, at once buy liquid on the basis of nitromethane which is specially developed for removal of glue from any surfaces, including from hands. Before application attentively study the instruction from the producer, clean hands according to recommendations, wash up warm water with soap, smear hands with greasy cream.

3. If there is no of the specified means, and you need to clean immediately hands from glue, oil them any vegetable, in addition apply oil on the rigid party of scouring sponge and try to remove glue. Such way approaches if you have begun to clean hands right after pollution.

4. One more way without use of aggressive means. Apply on places of pollution any srub for face, hands or body with stones, carefully massage places of pollution, wash away warm water, repeat the procedure of removal of glue several times. The srub softly influences skin and helps to scratch out glue pollution without application of more radical methods.

5. Superglue becomes brittle at low temperature impact, but, unfortunately hands cannot be placed in the freezing chamber and to carry out deep freezing, but it is possible to put to places of pollution ice cubes in plastic bag quite even. After easy freezing of glue scratch out it from skin of hands by means of the rubber palette.

6. Instead of ice you can use aerosol for freezing of wounds and bruises. You can get it in pharmacy or in department of sports goods. The method of application is very simple. Sprinkle places of pollution, glue will instantly be frozen and you will need only to remove it with the rubber palette or brush.

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