How to clean humidifier

How to clean humidifier

With approach of heating season many get from cabinets or buy humidifier in shop. In the heated rooms usually very dry air which has negative effect on the state of health. However the majority forgets that this device demands thorough leaving. It needs to be cleaned every week.

It is required to you

  • - water;
  • - rag;
  • - vinegar solution;
  • - chlorine solution.


1. How to clean humidifier? Many do not know it though the answer is simple, as well as all ingenious. During active use wipe the device at least once a week and delete limy deposits which constantly collect on its units. For cleaning of humidifier it is better not to use various cleaning agents, they can negatively affect its work, and, besides, in use humidifier of particle of means will extend on the room. If you use cleaning agents, you and members of your family can have headaches.

2. Starting cleaning of humidifier, merge all liquid from capacity and carefully wash out it under flowing water. Now it is necessary to dry up completely capacity, however do not do it under direct sunshine at all.

3. The nozzle of humidifier needs special cleaning. It is necessary to remove completely all scum which has accumulated on it. For this purpose it is impossible to use abrasive means. The last can spoil nozzle and lead to breakage of humidifier. For de-scaling use antilime mortar or weak solution of vinegar. Apply soft fabric which will not damage humidifier part. After that in capacity for water it is possible to pour new portion and to begin operation of the device.

4. Very often in humidifiers there are undesirable microorganisms. That it has not occurred, it is regularly necessary to disinfect it. Make it by means of water solution of chlorine. Chlorine contains in the majority of bleaches therefore you can safely use the means for bleaching. After disinfection carefully several times rinse the device until the smell of chlorine does not disappear.

5. The humidifier demands regular cleaning. Frequency of this procedure depends on that how hard water you use at its operation. If you regularly and carefully clean the humidifier, it will serve to you belief and the truth many years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team