How to clean jewelry

How to clean jewelry

When you buy precious ornament, expect that it will serve for many years, and in the future, perhaps, will please also successors. That jewelry as long as possible remained in fine state, it is necessary to look after them correctly.


1. Care for products with stones. Gemstones which have hardness coefficient not less than five (diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald, topaz, etc.) should be cleaned normal solution from water and laundry detergent, applying at the same time soft brush. But if the frame is made of silver, then the product needs to be washed out more carefully in the water better distilled. Products from stones with smaller durability (turquoise, moonstone, opal, malachite) need to be cleaned so e brush, only already in soapsuds.

2. To clean interval between stone and frame from pollution, take Q-tip and wet in glycerin or cologne. Carefully wipe frame and stone, and then polish product with flannel or suede rag. That dirt between stone and frame accumulated less, take off ornament before reception of bathtub, shower and washing of hands.

3. Products with diamonds demand special care. Once a month is recommended to clean them. Put the ringlet or earrings in soap solution, leave for some time, and then wash away residues of dirt brush and rinse in normal water.

4. Care for gold jewelry. As a rule, after contact with skin on gold products there are black spots. That to avoid it, wipe jewelry with rag from suede or flannel after everyone socks. Also you remember that cleaning agents, some cream and also the structures containing iodine and chlorine are harmful to gold.

5. Also products from gold can be placed per day in solution with soapsuds, periodically stirring up the capacity in which they contain until dirt does not disappear. It is possible to return gloss to the darkened gold onions juice, having rubbed with it product. After that to rinse with water and to wipe accurately with soft rag.

6. Products from silver demand even more careful to themselves the relation and leaving. If ornament has darkened, it is necessary to place it in solution with soapsuds, then to clean rag which has been moistened in ammonia solution. Then the product needs to be washed out in water and it is good to dry.

7. Silver ornament can return gloss if to lower it in potato broth literally for 10 minutes or in cold water with the cut potatoes for two hours.

8. All these means on cleaning of jewelry of pollution, of course, are good. But if you see that to you not to cope with pollution, address better in jewelry workshop where the expert professionally will help to solve this problem.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team