How to clean light sofas

How to clean light sofas

The sofa in the house takes the central place and therefore it is often used by family members for rest. Very often on it there are spots and other pollution which spoil exterior of furniture, especially light. But even in house conditions it is quite possible to put light sofa in order.

It is required to you

  • - ammonia
  • - vinegar
  • - cleaning agent


1. Cleaning of light sofas depending on look obivkikozhany light upholstery of sofa does not demand special leaving. Moisten rag in soap solution, with circular motions rub spot, dry up the wet place dry rag.

2. Jacquard covering of sofa dense and strong. To clean light sofas from this panel material use dry cleaning by means of brush.

3. The flock consisting of nylon pile - inexpensive and practical material, is applied on cotton basis in the form of applique. Use dry cleaning for removal of spots from sofas from light flock.

4. The tapestry – high-strength panel material, possesses interesting pattern. For its cleaning wash upholstery of sofa or use dry cleaning.

5. The velor light sofa easily gives in to cleaning. Use dry cleaning by means of soft brush.

6. Light suede sofas due to special furniture impregnation possess gryaze- and water-repellent properties. For cleaning of upholstery use dry, damp, dry cleaning or wash suede light upholstery.

7. Removal of spots from light upholstery divanovpyl. For monthly cleaning of light upholstery of dust vacuum sofa.

8. Coffee. Solution of vinegar and cleaning agent wash away spot from coffee, dry fabric dry wet fabric.

9. Fruit juice. Apply mix of ammonia and vinegar on spot, let's upholstery dry out. Soak old spot from juice water and remove with soft brush.

10. Beer. Wipe spot with soap solution, for removal of smell process upholstery weak acetic solution.

11. Chewing gum. Apply package of ice to pollution, after hardening of chewing gum remove it with blunt object.

12. Blood. Quickly wash away blood cold water from light upholstery of sofa.

13. Jam and chocolate. Clean the dried spot with brush, wash away the remains warm soap solution. Dry rag dry up excess of moisture.

14. Traces from felt-tip pen or the handle. Wash away spots acetone, dry. Then rinse with water, dry dry fabric.

15. Red wine. Quickly blot liquid, salt spot. After drying vacuum spot or brush.

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