How to clean linoleum

How to clean linoleum

Any floor covering periodically is soiled and needs cleaning. Also linoleum is not exception. How to clean linoleum not to damage it and for a long time to keep beautiful exterior of covering?

It is required to you

  • - cleaning agent;
  • - rags;
  • - linseed oil;
  • - drying oil;
  • - milk;
  • - woolen fabric;
  • - silk fabric;
  • - pumice or small abrasive paper;
  • - liquid for washing of ware.


1. Perhaps, the easiest way of purification of linoleum is damp cleaning with application of soft cleaning agents. Prepare soap solution. For this purpose dissolve small amount of suitable cleaning agent in warm water. Carefully wipe linoleum. It is necessary to consider that long influence of soap can damage covering paint. Therefore it is necessary to carry out damp cleaning quickly enough. Having washed the floor, wipe it dry by means of dry soft rag.

2. Carefully wash up floor warm water. Drain dirty water. Fill capacity with cold water and once again wipe floor covering with woolen rag. Wipe linoleum dry, and then process matter, the wetted in milk. It will add to floor additional gloss.

3. It is possible to remove ink spot from linoleum by means of small abrasive paper or pumice. Slightly rub the polluted site. Process the cleaned place linseed oil and carefully polish.

4. Greasy spots from the surface of linoleum are recommended to be deleted by means of liquid for washing of ware. And, processing should be made until fat has stiffened yet. Wash away means large amount of clear water. Wipe covering with dry rag.

5. Grate linoleum with drying oil. Carefully polish with piece of old silk matter. Once in three months is recommended to carry out similar processing of covering.

6. Use special means for care for linoleum - mastic, the restoring wax, napkins for dry cleaning.

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