How to clean long pile

How to clean long pile

Carpets with long pile were and remain are very popular. They bring the atmosphere of heat and cosiness to the house. It is possible to decorate with such carpets both the bedroom, and the living room or the nursery of the room. But in order that the carpet with long pile gave you joy throughout long time behind it thorough leaving is necessary. Such leaving, certainly, will demand some efforts, but they completely will pay off that comfort which will bring you such carpet.

It is required to you

  • - Vacuum cleaner;
  • - rigid broom;
  • - brush;
  • - rags;
  • - salt;
  • - ammonia solution;
  • - soda.


1. Clean carpet it is recommended to pylesosomchistit carpet the vacuum cleaner at least once a week. The areas subject to gross contamination - the surface about jobs, exits to balcony, entrances to the room - is recommended to vacuum once in two days. Qualitatively to clean all surface of carpet it is recommended to break carpet into sectors visually. Remember that even if you have very powerful and modern vacuum cleaner, one pass on carpet with long pile insufficiently. It is necessary several times slowly and to walk carefully the vacuum cleaner on each sector. Give special attention to the places subject to pollution - they need to be cleaned cross-wise. Before cleaning of carpet with long pile add to dust collector of a little baking soda. It will eliminate unpleasant smells. After cleaning of carpet apply the special means interfering pollution. It is also possible to use fresheners.

2. Beat out koverdv of time a year it is recommended to beat out carpets on the street. Hang up carpet on pipe pile down and beat out on all surface. During the winter period spread carpet on snow pile outside, strew it with snow and clean by means of rigid broom.

3. Clean carpet by means of cooking solirasstelita carpet on floor and strew with coarse salt. Remove salt from carpet surface by means of rigid broom, periodically moistening it in warm soapsuds. Also instead of salt it is possible to use ground pumice, sawdust or bran.

4. Clean carpet nashatyrny to spirtomprigotovta solution for cleaning: on 5 liters of water take one tablespoon of ammonia solution and 3 tablespoons of laundry detergent. Apply this structure on carpet by means of soft brush, and then remove at first damp, and then with dry rag.

5. Remove resistant spots from kovrapyatn it is possible to remove from coffee, fruit, chocolate and alcoholic drinks by means of special solution. On one liter of water take on one teaspoon of wine vinegar and laundry detergent and wipe carpet with this structure. Spots from red wine need to be filled up with table salt at once. In 20 minutes the carpet should be vacuumed. It is possible to remove from carpet chewing gum by means of ice piece. Apply ice to chewing gum and wait for its full hardening, after that remove elastic band from carpet. To remove greasy spot from surface of carpet it is necessary to strew it with the sawdust, the wetted in gasoline. Leave sawdust on all night long.

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