How to clean marble

How to clean marble

Marble – unique natural material which is used by mankind since the most ancient times. And today the increasing number of people make out interiors of the apartments and houses, using this noble stone. But care for marble has the features, ignorance or neglect which can lead to damage of expensive material.

It is required to you

  • - hydrogen peroxide
  • - sal ammoniac
  • - white spirit


1. Before beginning marble cleaning, try to understand the reason of formation of pollution as various types of spots are removed special means.

2. Use the special means intended for care for marble. Before their application attentively study the instruction and test means on the small site of marble. The same rule belongs also to application of the checked household "analogs" for removal of pollution.

3. Delete spots of organic origin by means of special pastes (for example, ""Mangia Macchia"") or - having wiped the polluted surface with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. It is also possible to use the sal ammoniac divorced in water. In this case take clean fabric napkin, impregnate it with solution and put on spot, having covered with piece of polyethylene. Leave for decolorization of spot for day. Then well wash marble surface with water and carefully wipe dry.

4. To remove rust spots from the surface of marble, use special paste, without leaving means on spot for a long time. Do not use abrasive means not to scratch surface.

5. For purification of marble of greasy spots wipe pollution with white spirit, trying to do it quickly that on surface the clarified sites were not formed.

6. For removal of unpleasant yellowness process the surface of marble saturated soap solution or special shampoo for marble, having left it for some time for intensive influence. Delete resistant yellowness with solution of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, having added several drops of sal ammoniac there. Remember that work with ammonia needs to be carried out in well aired room.

7. To give to marble the shining color, polish surface with polish for marble as a part of which there is beeswax.

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