How to clean mattress

How to clean mattress

As a rule, the mattress is hidden from eyes by bed linen, covers, blankets and pillows. If he convenient, then remembers most of people its existence only during change of bed linen. But the mattress belongs to objects which daily and rather long time are in contact with human body. So that it is necessary to keep it clean to remain healthy. How to maintain purity of mattress and how to clean it at pollution?

It is required to you

  • - shampoo just for decoration or means for washing of ware;
  • - clean rags, sponges, brush;
  • - clean towel;
  • - water.


1. ChistkaMatras does not love moisture, and therefore to remove from him spots is quite problematic. The first option – special shampoo for furniture upholstery. The second way – use of dry foam. Foam prepares beating of liquid for washing of ware with small amount of water. The turned-out dense foam needs to be applied on spot by means of slightly damp sponge or brush. It is put with the circular, slightly rubbing movements. After pollution are removed – the place on which processing was carried out, is carefully wiped with clean damp rag. Then moisture promakivatsya by dry towel. It is impossible to allow deep penetration of liquid into mattress – it is fraught with emergence of mold. The next stage – drying. After the mattress is processed and cleaned, it should be dried. If there is opportunity to take out it in the sun – remarkably. If there is no such opportunity – it is necessary to use the hair dryer or fan heater.

2. UhodChtoba in mattress the organic chemistry did not accumulate, dust pincers and disputes of mold did not breed – it is necessary to vacuum it at each change of bed. Time in half a year it is necessary to vacuum carefully mattress from all directions, including side surfaces. At the same time it is necessary to use brush nozzle. At once after the end of cleaning it is necessary to get rid of collected in dust vacuum cleaner bag.

3. The mattress has served ProfilaktikaChtoba as long as possible – it is necessary to use mattress cover (sheets from dense fabric on elastic band). It is impossible to eat or drink in bed and also to allow to sleep on it pet. Any, got on mattress liquid (tea, coffee, the child's urine, juice) has to be removed immediately – so far it has not managed to be absorbed.

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